Are you looking for an opportunity to be still? 

To slow down and take a step back? 

To have space to ask some big questions or a space just to let those thoughts settle?

Last term, many of us read the book ‘Cave Refectory Road’, by Ian Adams, which set us exploring some simple and ancient spiritual practices as we  journeyed with others  finding out what works for them.

This term, we're digging into the riches of the Methodist Tradition, uncovering the the "means of grace" which have helped countless ordinary people, like us, experience God's love.

This will be a good space for asking questions, for trying out something new and for the companionship of being with other people who are also journeying.

Spiritual practices connect us to God in special ways, by opening up our ‘spiritual senses’ to God. They make God more ‘real’ to us. They enable us to touch God’s presence, hear God’s voice, taste God’s goodness, see God’s guidance, and smell the aroma of God’s presence in our daily lives. If you have an appetite to know God better, this might just be for you!

When we meet, what will it look like?

When we gather, there will be a simple structure.


For 15 mins, people can arrive, have a drink and relax.


We will light a candle, and then a simple prayer will be read aloud, giving people a chance to be still.
Then each person will have their space to talk or hold silence, an opportunity simply to share how their week has been or to share anything that they’ve been thinking about.  No one has to speak and stillness is fine. 


We will pick up on the week's theme and discuss people’s experiences and ponderings. If you've been at the main Sunday Gathering that week, you'll have had an introduction to the topic... and maybe even tried out some of the practices. But you can join in fine on the day.


Each week we will  think about how we might have a go at the various practices in the week ahead.  We will try and be open to trying these things, and then feeding back the following week how it felt.  Some suggestions will work for some. Other suggestions can simply left behind.  This is space for you to find your gems amongst many pebbles.

When will we meet?

We've got a group planning to meet at 8pm on Wednesday evenings during the school term. (Don't worry if you can't make every week. ) We gather in a private home in Over. 
  • 09 February        Exploring Prayer 1
  • 16 February        HALF TERM - no meeting
  • 23 February        Exploring Prayer 2
  • 02 March   Exploring Ash Wednesday
  • 09 March   Hunger and Thirst for God
  • 16 March   Exploring Fasting
  • 23 March   Exploring Scripture
  • 30 March   Exploring Bread and Wine
But if you can't make that, do get in touch. We might be able to run a second set of sessions elsewhere.
  • What about Covid?

  • We are following currently government advice. Right now, we're encouraging people to LFT before joining us, and asking anyone feeling unwell to stay away. We're not wearing masks inside, but are being extra careful with handwashing.

Introducing our mentor:
John Wesley

In eighteenth-century Britain John Wesley founded a movement of radical Christian disciples, who came to be called Methodists.

Wesley was concerned to ensure that those who sought Christ through his preaching could be fed and nurtured in their faith journey.

He encouraged them to grow in God’s love, especially by using the spiritual practices that he called ‘the means of grace’.

He also recognised the vital importance of being in close fellowship with others, for mutual help and encouragement. His small groups (which he called ‘classes’ and the smaller ‘fellowship bands’) were at the very heart of his discipleship movement.

His passion for authentic discipleship, commitment to the centrality of the means of grace, and pioneering use of small groups make him an excellent mentor for this course

How does this fit into everything else happening with Pathfinder Church Northstowe?

Something particularly exciting about Pathfinder Church is the ecumenical backstory that continues to shape us. We’re the result of many years of prayer from local churches across different traditions, who continue to support and encourage us to grow as a church for this time and this place.

Our minister, Revd Dr Beth Cope, is an Anglican Priest, but those who are coming together to form Pathfinder Church come from all traditions and from none: together we are pilgrims on a journey, asking questions and exploring the connections we find between everyday life and our spirituality and faith.

In the run up to Easter this year, we are digging into our Methodist heritage, exploring the spiritual practices promoted by Charles Wesley… and trying them out for ourselves: praying, exploring and sharing. Why not come and find out more?

How do I sign up?

Rachel A is leading the Wednesday night group. We are also considering a second session, to run in tandem, run by a group of young professionals in such as way as to fit between crazy shifts. Talk to Beth or Ellie to find out more. Or simply email and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

Are you connected?

We send out weekly eNews with everything you need to know about how we're praying, exploring, and sharing through out the week here in Northtowe. 
If you don't get this yet, sign up now!!