All through December, we will #lightupnorthstowe, turning our streets into a living advent calendar, with a new scene appearing each day.

The theme this year is Festive Heros and Villains.

Open up our Google Map, or browse the address list, then see if you can find each day's Hero or Villain.

We encourage you to post pictures on the Facebook Group (you can do this anonymously if you like) or email them in, and we'll re-share them here.

Where to find each day's window
click on the map to open a Google Map showing all this year's addresses

  1. The Pathfinder CofE Primary School
  2. 21 Heron Road
  3. 38 Cuckoo Way
  4. 6 Woodpecker Close
  5. 11 Duck Hook Walk
  6. Office 1 Window at The Cabin (community centre)
  7. 87 Britannia Road
  8. 36 Mistle Thrush Drive
  9. 7 Yeoman Close
  10. 14 Swan End
  11. 83 Stirling Road
  12. Northstowe Secondary College
  13. 4 Lockhart Way
  14. 76 Pathfinder Way
  15. 10 Duck Hook Walk
  16. 31 Lockhart Way
  17. 2 Duck Hook Walk
  18. Martin Bacon Academy
  19. 9 Mistle Thrush Drive
  20. 3 Claudius Walk
  21. Cafe Windows at The Cabin (community centre)
  22. 10 Pedersen Way
  23. 57 Wellington Road
  24. Pathfinder Church Northstowe at The Pathfinder CofE Primary School

Have you seen the facebook group yet?

Head over to to join the facebook group where people are posting their creations (and some great behind the snaps too)

Spotted so far...

These photos give a taste of what's happening. But windows are really hard to photograph well, so we encourage you to head out, explore Northstowe, and see these in all their glory. 

I've signed up: what next

Once you've checked that no one else is making "your choice" , and you know the date your window will open, it's time to start getting ready...

All through Advent - show your "day"

On 28th or 29th November, please put a large number (corresponding to your day) on your window facing outwards towards the street. You may want to cover up your window as well so it can be truly ‘unveiled’. This is up to you. We hope this will get people talking around the village. So as not to confuse the postie, please put underneath the number ‘Advent Window’.

How to unveil your window:

You can prepare your window any time before your window-opening date. You may want to make items/posters etc before the day and store them and then put them out on the day. 

Your window can be ‘unveiled’ anytime between 7am and 4pm on the specific date. You may want to invite your neighbours’ round for an ‘unveiling’ ceremony- that is up to you!!

Please do not tell anyone else what choice you have made! The idea is that visitors to the windows will try and guess what  are displaying. So try and focus on what is UNIQUE about your choice.

Size and shape:

This will depend on your window! We encourage you to use as much of your window as possible. As most displays will be up for at least 2-3 weeks, we suggest that they are located inside rather than outside, and this will ensure the safety of your decorations and designs.

Some ideas:
• You could make your display 2D i.e. posters, or 3D.
• You might make figures out of clay, lego, play dough, plasticine.
• You might create a silhouette
• You might use lighting so that people can see the design in the evening

Sharing images

We encourage you to share that you are taking part in this, and pictures of behind the scenes as well as the final artwork, using the #NorthstoweAdventWindows. However, be aware of where and how you are posting photographs of your house. You might like to use the Anonymous Post setting - or email them through to us to share

We will not name the link between people living at an address and images of the windows. 

We will try to get round and photograph all the windows anonymously, and share them on social media is the Facebook community where you can also see previous years ideas

Then keep it up until Boxing Day (if possible)

If possible, we would like all displays to stay up at least until the end of Boxing Day. Last year several people visited the windows on Boxing Day for a walk.
Explore more Advent and Christmas events from Pathfinder Church Northstowe, or visit the Winter Festival Website to see what else is happening across the community.
Northstowe Advent Windows are coordinated by Pathfinder Church Northstowe, part of the Northstowe Church Network - a partnership of the Church of England, Baptist Union, and United Reformed Church