at Northstowe's Christmas Events

Whether you have religious or non religious beliefs, there is room for you here!

As you read through the various events, you'll notice that some have a greater emphasis on simply belonging, together, here in Northstowe,  We're joining in with Northstowe's Winter Festival, because we love to celebrate the diversity of our growing community!

We're continuing with our regular pattern of Sunday Gatherings - there is Room for you to join us there!

We are also holding spaces with opportunities to reflect on the ancient but still unfolding story of God here among us, making room for you. Many are joyful. Some are spaces for lament and tears, as we recognise that this season can be hard for many reasons.

Whatever your background, you are welcome and invited to join us in any and all of these spaces. Because, THERE IS ROOM for you.
Hear the story behind our Christmas message in this short film made by our friends in the Methodist Church

Interested in finding out what happens next? Discover more about the characters in the film and the themes running throughout it.

"Then she gave birth to her firstborn Son, and she wrapped Him snugly in cloth and laid Him in a feeding trough - because there was NO ROOM for them at the lodging place"
 - Dr Luke's description of the birth of Jesus, recorded in chapter 2 of his Gospel. Read more here...

The birth of Jesus began an incredible story where space was made at the table, the doors were opened up, and all were welcomed in. 

This Christmas, we celebrate this with a simple invitation: Come, just as you are, because THERE IS ROOM for you...

Regular Pathfinder Church Gatherings in this Festive Season

Whether you've ever been part of a church, or this is all new to you, you are welcome and iinvited to join our welcoming church family at any of these events!

We normally gather for intergenerational and interactive worship 3.30-5pm on Sundays in Pathfinder Primary, as well as holding a reflective "Chicken Soup for the Soul" with space to stop, breathe, and pray on the 1st Thursday evening of the Month. This Advent, we're singing our way towards Christmas, celebrating that THERE IS ROOM for all the traditional characters of the Christmas Story... and for you
  • 3.30pm Sunday 27th November (1st Sunday of Advent) - WILD CHURCH around the campfire out the front of Pathfinder Primary
    • THERE IS ROOM for Herod as we sing the Coventry Carol
  • 8pm Thursday 1st December - ADVENT CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL at Stephen's House
    • THERE IS ROOM for whatever we can offer, as we reflect with a Northstowe recording of In the bleak midwinter
  • 8pm Sunday 4th December  - A Reflective Gathering for NIGHT PRAYER at Church House (NOTE - No 3.30pm Sunday Gathering on December 4th because we're at the FOPS Christmas Fayre all day!)
  • 3.30pm Sunday 11th December - COME AND SING!  in Pathfinder Primary School Hall
    • THERE IS ROOM for the Angels as we sing Hark the Herald (and other favourite carols!)
  • 3.30pm Sunday 18th December - CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON TEA with Craft Workshop, cakes, and an optional Communion in the side Chapel, in Pathfinder Primary School Hall
If you normally come along to our gatherings, we'd love it if you could fill in this quick Yes/No/Maybe form to let us know when you are around - both for our Regular Events and Special Events - as we order resources and prepare activities.

Join an Advent Prayer Adventure

Whether you can join us in person or not, you might like to tap into the excellent Lectio 365 prayer resources. There is an App for Families too.

Their new series, reflecting on the Voices of Advent, is the perfect complement to our #ThereIsRoom campaign.

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Our 2022 Christmas Appeal

We invite Northstowe to join us in supporting two great charites. The local Cambridge Churches Homeless Projects (a collection of churches and a synagogue that work together to offer practical care and support to people who would otherwise be sleeping rough in our city each winter), and INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSON, a global organisation partnering with local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty.

Please add cash donations to the Collecting Buckets, or Give Online

About the musicians: The Punting Players - and friends!!

At our musical events, we're honoured to be uniting local Northstowe musicians with a great group of brass players: The Punting Players busk traditional Christmas carols and songs around Cambridge this advent while fundraising for cambridge's Homeless Project! They are called the Punting Players, as they started their journey playing carols whilst being punted up and down the river Cam! 

Here in Northstowe, find them at the Christmas Fayre on 4th December at 1pm, and Beer and Carols on 16th December at 6.30pm.

As well as their Northstowe, events you can find them: 

- 10am to noon on Sunday 18th December in the Grand Arcade,

- 11am to 1pm on Saturday 17th December near the Market Square,

- 11am to 1pm on Saturday 10th December near the Market Square.

A taste of what's already happened...

What's ALREADY happened?

Event Listings

Advent Windows: there is room for all tastes in festive music!

Each day in the run up to Christmas, one house will unveil their window, leaving us to guess their favourite festive song. Email to sign up.

Where: Windows all over Northstowe, starting with Pathfinder Primary

When: 1st-25th December

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Northstowe’s Nativity Scene – your face in the picture! 

You are invited to put YOUR face in the picture at the Nativity Scene outside Church House. We love to get creative, finding new ways to tell the Christmas Story under the light of a Christmas Star. This year, our team are busy drawing, cutting, and painting, so THERE IS ROOM for you in the Nativity Scene.

Where: Outside Church House, 6 Woodpecker Close, Northstowe CB24 1AW

When: Through December

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Northstowe’s Beer and Carols 

Organized by Pathfinder Church Northstowe working with Northstowe Foodies, and a wide range of community groups and local residents

Back by popular demand, we'll gather round Northstowe's Christmas Tree by the light of (electronic) tea lights to sing Northstowe's Favourite Carols interspersed with poems and reading from various community figures. Foodies’ Food Trucks will be on the Green 5-8pm, including Edmonds Box selling alcoholic drinks for those who wish to indulge - but drinks are not necessary to enjoy this festive community event! We warmly invite you to bring along hot chocolates, teas, or coffee to keep those fingers warm as we sing!

Where: The Green, Pathfinder Way

When: 16th Dec, 6.30pm

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Winter Litter Picking

Community Action coordinated by Sustainable Northstowe and Pathfinder Church with the support of Northstowe Town Council

There is something great about getting together with neighbours to make a different. Let’s show some love to Northstowe during this Winter Festival Season by litter picking the places our events are happening in! Fun, family friendly. All kit provided. See our facebook group, or get in touch with Beth – for more

Where: outside 6 Woodpecker Close, Northstowe, CB24 1AW to collect Kit, then we’ll walk down to the Christmas Tree on the Green

When: 18th Dec, 10.30-11.30am

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Longest Night: Bring your blues to Northstowe’s Stable Scene

On Longest Night, we recognise that this season can be hard, for many reasons. We invite you to drop in any time from dusk to tie a ribbon in remembrance or recognition. Revds Beth and Stephen can be available if you want to talk… but feel free to come and go quietly.

There is room for you. At Christmas time, you are welcome and included in the story, no matter where you are, how you feel, or how hopeless everything might seem. The Christmas story is here to remind you - there is a place for you in God's story.

Those who gather for our half-hour Night Prayer at 8pm will acknowledge all these nameless blues in prayer, and seek “a quiet night and a perfect end” with words hallowed by tradition.

Where: Outside Church House, 6 Woodpecker Close, Northstowe CB24 1AW

When: 21st Dec, from Dusk (with Night Prayer at 8pm)

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Northstowe's Christmas Eve Christingle

There Is Room for you and your family at our relaxed intergenerational gathering on Christmas Eve. During the service, each person will make a Christingle. In a moment of wonder, the candles will be lit, the warm glow symbolising the light of Christ and bringing hope to people living in darkness.

Where: Pathfinder Primary School Hall

When: 24th Dec, 3.30-4.30pm

To ensure we have enough oranges, and manage the fire risk, please reserve places (counting all adults and children) using our Eventbrite. There is no cost to book.

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Northstowe's "Midnight" Campfire Communion

One of Northstowe's most wonderful Christmas traditions. Once the potatoes are peeled and the presents wrapped, we gather (weather permitting) around a cracking campfire to await the moment when Christmas Eve tips into Christmas Day. And there to celebrate, with bread and wine, and words hallowed by tradition, the miracle of Christmas - God made flesh: love present among us!

Where: A campfire outside Pathfinder Primary School (if wet: Pathfinder Primary School Hall)

When: 24th Dec, 11.40pm

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Northstowe’s Christmas Morning Celebration

Join us for a laid back Christmas Morning Gathering, with pastries, bucks fizz, carols, and storytelling. THERE IS ROOM for you and all the family – but an idea of numbers helps with the planning!

Where: Pathfinder Primary School Hall

When: 25th Dec, 10-11am

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PATHFINDER CHURCH NORTHSTOWE are delighted to be able to join with the wider community at the Northstowe Winter Festival
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