Are you looking for an opportunity to be still?  To slow down and take a step back?  To have space to ask some big questions or a space just to let those thoughts settle?
This Autumn, we invite you to join with us in using the book ‘Cave Refectory Road’, by Ian Adams, to explore some simple and ancient spiritual practices, and to journey with others who are also finding out what works for them.
This will be a good space for asking questions, for trying out something new and for the companionship of being with other people who are also journeying.

When we meet, what will it look like?

When we gather, there will be a simple structure.


For 15 mins, people can arrive, have a drink and relax.


We will light a candle, and then a simple prayer will be read aloud, giving people a chance to be still.
Then each person will have their space to talk or hold silence, an opportunity simply to share how their week has been or to share anything that they’ve been thinking about.  No one has to speak and stillness is fine. 


We will read a couple of short sections from the book, (if people can, we encourage you to have read the chapter before we gather) and we will discuss people’s experiences and ponderings.


Each week we will look at the spiritual practice suggested by Ian Adams and think about how we might have a go at this in the week ahead.  We will try and be open to trying these things, and then feeding back the following week how it felt.  Some suggests will work for some. Other suggestions can simply left behind.  This is space for you to find your gems amongst many pebbles.

When will we meet?

We are hoping to find one time in the day and one in the evening to suit as many people as possible, plus the option to join via zoom for those who would find it hard in person.
Initially, we will meet in Pioneer Park on Tuesday 21st at 9.30am and  Wednesday 22nd at 8pm  [venue TBC - get in touch]  to meet each other and think about the most helpful time to meet in the future.


What next?

Buy the Book

We have several copies of the book available for £10.20. Or you can get it online as a ebook (£9.68 on Kindle), or secondhand, from all good bookshops including Eden.

Get in touch

Your main contact for this is Rachel A.
However, if you don’t have her details, get in touch with the church office:
07720 330 272

Are you connected?

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