Find out more by talking to those involved, or to Revds Beth and Stephen.
There is a friendly WhatsApp group where we share updates, as well as informal chat about all aspects of life with small children.

Our Thursday Morning Term Time Location

The Wrap Around Care room
The Pathfinder CofE Primary School
Pathfinder Way
CB24 1AA

(parking just offsite around the roundabout at the end of Pathfinder Way)

What to expect

Thursday Morning Little Explorers

9.15am - 10.45am, Pathfinder Primary

We started with a small group of tiny babies, using the excellent Starting Rite resources. Now those tiny babies are proper Little Explorers, and into everything. So our group have evolved and changed to continue to support them and their families, as well as welcoming in new-borns.

This September, we are experimenting with breakfast!
And introducing our new floor cushions.

Anyone caring for a pre-school child or baby is most welcome to come along, whether you have any previous experience of Christianity or not. We love to explore stories from the Bible - many of which have helped shape British culture well beyond the Church. We love Big Questions. We love honest conversation. And we really understand what it's like to be so tired that all you want is a hot cuppa while a friendly face holds your little one!

One of the special things that we've seen develop as we've enlarged the age range is how much the parent-parent support means. Whether that's top tips for weaning, or just an understanding look as you share what's on your heart. 

Our Team are a mixture of Ministers and parents (with children from 1 to 17!), all DBS checked appropriately for the role. Read more about Safeguarding here....

Thursday Morning Timings

  • As you arrive, make yourself at home, and start to explore the free-flow activities - we'll often use these during the storytelling later!
  • When you are ready, help yourself (and your little one) to (second?) breakfast sitting in the breakfast area. 
  • Circle Time, featuring a mix of favourite nursery rhymes and songs that match the season. Our seasonal invitation to worship helps draw together the generations as we prepare to meet not just with each other, but with God. Then we share in an interactive story... and often some more singing
Around 10am
  • Time to explore, with quieter and more active areas, designed to help children and their carers play and reflect together... and with each other.  Feel free to sit and chat with a new friend, ask one of the helpers to play with your little one while you have a few minutes peace, or explore the room at the pace your Little Explorer sets
Around 10.30am
  • Celebration. drawing together all we've done through more songs, conversation, and an interactive means of praying. 
  • Final Blessing, after which most people head off, while some people might choose to stay and help packdown, and join the Team praying.

How we cover costs

The main costs are for food, room hire, and resources - and most of that is met through the donations of those who come each week, with the ministers' time and other costs gifted from the Northstowe Church Network, as well as volunteer time from others in the team. THANK YOU to everyone who makes this possible!!

We suggest a donation of £3 per family per week, which you can either pop in the Piggie Bank, or give online. However, if the cost is barrier, please don't worry: we'd much rather you came  - your presence means so much, and each person brings something special just through being with us!

Many people choose to donate for a whole half term at once. Some people give more generally to support the wider work of the church too (read more about why churches need such giving here)

We can also collect gift aid if you are a tax payer.

Added Extras!

Coming soon: Parenting for Faith online course

  • Possible Timings: 8-9pm Mondays from 25th Sept
  • Cost: No charge to attend, but donations welcome

Last Term, a group from Little Explorers, together with some "graduates" and family members who can't normally make Thursday mornings,  tried out the Parenting for Faith Babies and Toddler Zoom Course. And we loved it!

But we all know parenting goes on well beyond the toddler years!

So, this term, we are exploring running a Northstowe-special Parenting For Faith course, not just for those with Babies, but through primary and secondary ages too.

Our hope is that this group will help connect those with children across these different age ranges, as well as those with different working patterns.  

The Parenting for Faith video-based course is designed to give you confidence to share your life with God in a way that feels natural to you – and the tools to do it easily in everyday life. By watching the videos and talking about them together, we expect to learn from each other, support each other, and have fun along the way.

We are considering Monday Evenings 8-9pm on Zoom, starting 25th September, and running for 8 weeks with a (possible two-week) break over half term. But, if demand shows another night would work better, we might rearrange.

Email to express interest, and let us know if that time-slot might work for you.

Afternoon Teas

(half termly, Sundays, 3.30-5pm in the School Hall)

Every half term, we love to bring together the WHOLE community - Little Explorers, those from Pathfinder Church, and others too. We invite people from all religious and non religious background to simply spend time together. Often, we'll serve a seasonal treat - pancakes, hot cross buns - or scones and cakes.

For many, this is simply a time to "hang out" and be. The tables have board games and colouring. The baby and toddler area is set up. And news is shared on the rolling screen.

Around the room, there will also be various activity and reflection stations. Some of these might be Prayer Stations or Exploration Stations from the recent Sunday Gathering series, or linked to an upcoming festival. Others will simply be for fun.

We always set up a "side chapel" as a quiet place where anyone can pause and reflect. And we offer a simple poetic spoken communion service as an option, while other activities continue.

One of the main features of the Afternoon Teas, however, are the workshops. Recently, we welcome Northstowe Arts to help us create a lantern for the Light Up Northstowe Lantern Parade, Elaine Atkin has taught us poetry and short story skills and Michelle patiently taught us how to make bead angels.

What our Little Explorers say...

"Lovely, well thought out activites... generally just brilliant!"

"I love the Jammies" [from a toddler]
"For me - I love connecting with grown ups. For [Little One] - exploring freely. Thank you, we love it!"
"I love the range of activites"
"Loved the books and sensory art"

"Such a lovely baby group. I love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere"

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