Everything we do is grounded in prayer -- recognising that the God who made us and loves us is intimately concerned with the practical realities of our day to day life. Prayer looks different for many people -- why not come and try out a few ways and see what works for you?

Do you ever just need some space?

Once a month we gather - sometimes around a campfire (weather permitting) for tens min of contemporary wisdom (perhaps a video, or poetry, or guided meditation); ten mins of silence; and then we share in the ancient poetic "service of Completion" - Compline.

Download the Church of England's Daily Prayer app to get the words to Night Prayer back-lit on your phone, or visit the website: Join us in a service of Daily Prayer | The Church of England
Get a taste of what happens at Chicken Soup for the soul with this recording of April's Session - Here's the opening reflection
After our initial reflections, we share in ten minutes of silence...
‘Choose a sacred word as a symbol of your intention to consent to God’s presence and action within – e.g. Lord, Jesus, Father, Kyrie, Abba, Love, Peace, Mercy. Sitting comfortably and with eyes closed, settle briefly and silently introduce the sacred word. When you become aware of thoughts, return ever so gently to the sacred word. At the end of the prayer period, remain in silence with eyes closed for a couple of minutes.’ [adapted from Thomas Keating, Intimacy with God: An Introduction to Centering Prayer, Crossroad Publishing, 1996].
And conclude with the ancient monastic poetry of the service of Completion known as Compline or Night Prayer

What helps you pray?

This Spring, each week, people will be sharing their tips and experiences around pray. We'll upload details to this page as that adventure unfolds!
Something particularly exciting about Pathfinder Church is the ecumenical backstory that continues to shape us. We’re the result of many years of prayer from local churches across different traditions, who continue to support and encourage us to grow as a church for this time and this place.

Our minister, Revd Dr Beth Cope, is an Anglican Priest, but those who are coming together to form Pathfinder Church come from all traditions and from none: together we are pilgrims on a journey, asking questions and exploring the connections we find between everyday life and our spirituality and faith.

In the run up to Easter this year, we are digging into our Methodist heritage, exploring the spiritual practices promoted by Charles Wesley… and trying them out for ourselves: praying, exploring and sharing. Why not come and find out more?

John Wesley In eighteenth-century Britain John Wesley founded a movement of radical Christian disciples, who came to be called Methodists. Wesley was concerned to ensure that those who sought Christ through his preaching could be fed and nurtured in their faith journey. He encouraged them to grow in God’s love, especially by using the spiritual practices that he called ‘the means of grace’. He also recognised the vital importance of being in close fellowship with others, for mutual help and encouragement. His small groups (which he called ‘classes’ and the smaller ‘fellowship bands’) were at the very heart of his discipleship movement. His passion for authentic discipleship, commitment to the centrality of the means of grace, and pioneering use of small groups make him an excellent mentor for this course!
Download the Course Notes from the Methodist Church here

An ongoing Prayer Adventure with Lectio 365

Through the summer, several us found the Lectio 365 Prayer App really helpful. We didn't all do it everyday. (It doesn't nag you if you miss one, either!). Some of us used the morning prayer resources. Some the evening. Some both...

However we did it, we found it so helpful we decided to rerun the Adventure this term too

Why not join us?

Like last time, some of us will just get on with it by ourselves. Some of us, however, want a stronger sense of sense of connection. So we've set up an optional  Whatspp group to encourage each other. Why not post a picture of where you are praying? Or comment on a line that speaks to you
But we know whatsapp isn't really the best place for a deep conversation. So  we're ensuring there is space , when we meet in person, to talk more.

Are you connected?

We send out weekly eNews with everything you need to know about how we're praying, exploring, and sharing through out the week here in Northtowe. 
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