NOTE: there is no Northstowe Gathering on Sunday 31st Dec. However, you are warmly invited to join with our sister churches in the 5folds villages for the Benefice Service. this will be a service of Holy Communion at 11am at St Mary's Church, Over. We'll be back in school once Term starts, on Sunday 7th January, in our normal 3.30pm slot

What to expect at our Term Time Gatherings

We're not following a blue print for "how to plant a church". We're pioneering... praying, exploring, and sharing together as we respond to what God's doing in this place. So our worship style is emerging in response to the gifts each person brings, with deep roots into the various Christian traditions.  So come as you are, walk with us for a while... experience church - but perhaps not as you know it!

Regular Sunday Gatherings
(3.30-5pm, Pathfinder School Hall during Term)

Most Sundays, we gather around tables in the school hall. We are deliberately intergenerational - we find that our worship and discovery is enriched through adults and children praying, exploring, and sharing together. 

As people arrive at 3.30pm, they help themselves to refreshments (available throughout), find a table, perhaps start a colouring... and join in with a conversation or activity on the theme of the day. Each table has a box of resources - feel free to use the playdoh, journal papers, post-it notes, whiteboards and bibles throughout.

At 3.40pm, we greet each other (often using sign-supported English), light candles, and refocus ourselves on God-amongst us.

Our Exploration may include dramatic readings  from the Bible (we love to use THE VOICE bible translation alongside the NRSV, reminding us that whenever we read the Bible we read it in translation.) There may also be contemporary input (perhaps through music, poetry, or video). These usually lead to free-flow exploration of various interactive stations. Families often visit these stations together, or children and adults from different households might find themselves working together. Some people may choose to sit in quiet reflections. Others may read some of the books, commentaries, and articles that we share. We make a point of sharing resources from a wide range of Christian traditions - we won't all agree with all that we read!
Afterwards, we gather back to share what we've been noticing. No one is required to speak, but we love hearing from those who want to share. These reflections then inspire our subsequent prayers and worship. On Holy Communion weeks, we will weave our Explorations into our Offering as we prepare to share in bread and wine: and encounter God around the Table.

Finally, just before 5pm, we share family news, before being blessed for the week ahead. Everyone helps pack down the Table Boxes and put away the tables and chairs, while the team clear up the Stations and Hospitality. 
Would you like to get involved in the hosptiality, setup, or packdown team? Have a word with Beth, Stephen, or Will...

How we share Holy Communion within Sunday Gatherings

We celebrate communion at least once a month all together (intergenerationally) in a main Sunday Gathering. When we celebrate communion, it shapes our entire Sunday Gathering, with the Great Thanksgiving and Sharing of Bread and Wine happening within the "offering and responding" part of the service. We also offer additional midweek communions periodically, as well as a quiet reflective communion in the side-chapel during Afternoon Teas. Occasionally, we may also celebrate communion at Wild Church (advertising this explicitly).

We come from many different Christians traditions - and many of us our completely new to faith! So sharing in communion is both beautiful... and a little messy as we seek to honour each other well! Our ministers are Anglican priests, so communion services follow the patterns and practices of the Church of England. However, we ask that all those taking part do so in line with their own position and heritage. For those new to all this, we encourage you to talk this over with us, and we love to offer blessings to everyone!

We always offer gluten-free bread, and non-alcoholic wine/grape juice. Because of our ecumenical partnerships, for those from traditions who would receive from individual cups, this is available. We have not yet returned to a common cup since Covid, so, for those from such traditions, we celebrate that The Church has always taught that the fullness of God's Grace is still received even if only the bread is eaten. 

The standard practice of the Church of England is that the bread and wine are shared between those who have been baptised and confirmed (made an adult profession of faith) - or those who are already in the habit of receiving communion. Within Anglican tradition, Children who have been baptised can be prepared for their first communion, and adults who would live to affirm their faith are encouraged to seek confirmation or appropriate full membership of their denomination.  But we also recognise that some families who join us will come from traditions where children receive communing from a young age, or not until after Confirmation - either such position will of course be honoured. We encourage families to talk about the communion practices that are important to them, and are happy to be part of those conversations. 

whether than means a formal "admission to communion", or to explore baptism, confirmation, or another way of (re-) affirming faith as a mature believer. We will work with our partner denominations to do this in a way that honours and celebrates the full breadth of  traditions among us.

Afternoon Tea
(half termly, in place of a regular Gathering,
3.30-5pm in the School Hall)

Every half term, Pathfinder Church Northstowe host at afternoon tea that not only brings together those from across the Northstowe Church Network (those involved in Little ExplorersCompline, etc) but also our friends, neighbours, and those involved in other community groups. It is a joy to see those of  all religious and non religious backgrounds simply spending time together. Often, we'll serve a seasonal treat - pancakes, hot cross buns - or scones and cakes.

For many, this is simply a time to "hang out" and be. The tables have board games and colouring. The baby and toddler area is set up. And news is shared on the rolling screen.

Around the room, there will also be various activity and reflection stations. Some of these might be Prayer Stations or Exploration Stations from the recent Sunday Gathering series, or linked to an upcoming festival. Others will simply be for fun.

We always set up a "side chapel" as a quiet place where anyone can pause and reflect. And we offer a simple poetic spoken communion service as an option, while other activities continue.

One of the main features of the Afternoon Teas, however, are the workshops.  And this half term, Northstowe Arts will be running a Lantern Making workshop, ready to Light Up Longest Night.
This workshop is aimed at those ages 7 and above,. but we will also have paper-bag lanterns on hand that those of any age can decorate more easily.


We love to draw on the richness of tradition as well as the emerging patterns of our new town as we celebrate the big Christian festivals together.

Back in the Sping, Holy Week and Easter together. Every evening, we paused to pray Compline (some of us in person, others joining in from home), and to read the story day-by-day. On Maundy Thursday, we shared a special communion meal, eating Jacket Potatoes as we discussed the biblical stories and traditions. On Good Friday, we hosted a hot cross bun afternoon tea, and journeyed, as if with Joseph of Arimathea, to bury the cross at the heart of the Glade. Easter Sunday dawned as we proclaimed "Alleluia, Christ is Risen" as we lit the Pascal Candle by Bug Hunters Waters, before sharing bacon. And then our musicians led us in singing "Thine Be The Glory" as part of our intergenerational Easter Communion. 

COMING SOON: visit our Advent and Christmas page to see what's coming up as part of the Northstowe Winter Festival

Wild Church 

(at special occasions, and  many 5th Sundays of the Month:3.30-4.30pm in the School Field, Playground, and Wellbeing Shed)

NOTE: November's Wild Church is back around the campfire!

There are some things that work best outside! There is a wonderful ancient tradition of people encountering God in nature... our monthly Wild Church sessions really lean into this!

Please dress for the weather, bring your own drink in a keep cup/water bottle, and something to sit on (picnic chair/blanket). 

We focus the main activities within an hour when outside, but people often linger to chat (or perhaps roast more marshmallows!) around the campfire afterwards.

Recent Wild Churches have included us putting Pontius Pilate on Trial, planting silver birch trees, and celebrating the glory of God as we toasted popcorn over the fire!

From our church family...

“I find I’m talking to people at work about what we did on Sundays, thinking through different aspects as the week progresses. The focus of meetings is not on limitations - what we can’t, or shouldn’t, do - but on how knowing Jesus is the best, most liberating, gift the world offers. And at Pathfinder I feel like I’m being equipped and trusted to develop this relationship with Jesus myself.”
“Pathfinder is a beautiful community, in which there is space to explore our faith in exciting ways.

A great church for our young family!!”

“Being part of a church community that is multidenominational is a blessing and how Jesus would have wanted us to approach our faith and the community. It's hard to come by a church that makes everyone feel so welcome with no level of judgement and a constant link and connection to the local community and other churches in the area. ”

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Pathfinder Church Northstowe and the Northstowe Church Network are committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults. We follow the House of Bishops guidance and policies and have our own Safeguarding Officer. The Diocese of Ely’s safeguarding pages contain vital links and information including contacts for the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor (DSA) who advise our SO. If you are concerned that a child or adult has been harmed or may be at risk of harm please contact the DSA. If you have immediate concerns about the safety of someone, please contact the police and your local authority Children or Adults Services.