Wild Church takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month (during school term) 3.30-4.30pm

Pathfinder Primary School Field, (at the far end of the car park)

Our next Wild Church in on Sunday June 25th - after several of us have taken part in the Over Day Centre Bike Ride!

Read on to find out what happened last month...

Please dress for the weather.
Bring your own drinks (in a keep cup of flask) and something to sit on (picnic rug or camp chair)
Kite Flying for Pentecost
at Wild Church
Our now-traditional Pentecost celebrations will take place out in the school field on Sunday 28th May at 3.30pm
  • We will be making and flying kites - please bring your own single-string kites if you have any.
  • We’d love you to wear red/yellow/orange (as we think about the fire of the Spirit)
  • There is Jelly (with gelatine) as part of our Labyrinth. There are vegaration pop-cakes for those unable to eat Jelly.
  • Bring a cool drink
  • Wear sunscreen and bring a sunhat

As you arrive...

Welcome! Our Wild Church today is a Spirit-filled  adventure around the field at your own pace, before we all conclude together with our Celebration around (for a Summer change...)  our rainbow-coloured parachute.


Gathering conversations

Get together with a small group - perhaps people you arrived with, or perhaps someone you've only just met. -- and Set the Scene by reading and talking about our first Station
after you've chatted for a while, either read this to each other, or one of our ministers could lead this.

Today, we will tell the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit...
and pray "Come Holy Spirit" right here in Northstowe!

The Bible tells the story in two different ways,
but, in both accounts, this part is the same:

After Jesus went away,
his friends huddled together
behind thick walls and locked doors.

Fear squeezed their throats
until it was hard to breathe.
They had no idea what they 
were waiting for,
but Jesus had promised.
A helper was coming.

Then the story splits in two, like branches of a tree.

In one branch the Spirit comes like fire, showering everyone with sparks, until their fear is burned away, and they crackle with course to say and do new things -- things they never thought they could. Unruly as a wild wind, the Spirit scatter them like seed. Wherever they settle they tell the story of Jesus in different ways, so everyone can understand...
In the other branch, the Spirit comes gently.
Jesus slips silently into that locked room.
"Receive the Spirit, " he says, and breathes out.

In the very beginning, so the story in Genesis goes,
the Spirit sighed and fluttered over the waters,
breathing life into the world.

As they sit quietly with Jesus, breathing in, his friends feel their hearts settle into a steady beat. Their fear drains away, and they feel alive again.

Jesus slips away unnorticed,
but his friends are no longer afraid. Now they understand. The Spirit what was in Jesus is in them too. 
As close as their own breath.
Introduction from "Breathe" by Laura Alary

And now... we explore [in this, or any order]

The Holy Spirit as fire

Under the first gazebo, you might like to make a hand-print fire-headdress or keepsake.. or simply read and discuss the poster.

To make the headdress:
1. take a sheet of white paper
2. use the red print-pad for the largest handprint
3. print smaller handprint(s)  in the middle using orange or yellow print-pads
4. cut a flame-shape around the handprints
5. mount onto black, and stick to a headdress

The Holy Spirit as wind

Under the second gazebo, you might like to make or decorate a kite... or simply read and discuss the poster before heading out to fly a kite

You may have your own favourite way to make a kite... or try following these instructions. We'll use more strips of bin bag or ribbon instead of an old towel. And we have actual flying-lines rather than using dental floss!

Afterwards, take as long as you like to fly kites or blow bubbles!

Praying for the Holy Spirit... as you prayer walk our labyrinth

This is more than just a story from long ago! We believe that God's Spirit is still active in the world.  And that praying "come, Holy Spirit" is an excellent idea as we encounter the twists and turns of life.

Here in Northstowe, the "Way of Life" Cross is part of the school logo. The Worship Gang (yr 5 students) suggested we cut a shape similar to the Way of Life into the long grass in the Glade.

As you slowly walk the twists and turns, you might like to pray (or even sing!) "Holy Spirit, Come".

When you get to the middle, you might like to pause and pray the Lord's prayer...
... and enjoy some refreshment! As you eat the jelly (or vegetarian cakes) pray that God's Spirit will fill you and empower you to make a difference in the world: to see "thy kingdom come" right here!

As you walk back out, thing about the coming week. Talk it over with God. What might God's Spirit be preparing you to say.. or do... or not do!?


When you've finished exploring, head towards the parachute, and chat to those around you about what you've enjoyed most about today
Once every has gathered, we might sing and  play some games with the parachute, and then use it as part of our prayers...

After each call of "we thank you" we'll waft the parachute upwards with a whoop!

Big Spirit

Big Spirit, colourful Spirit,
noisy Spirit,
energy of God.
Hear us as we pray.
You dreamt up the shapes of creation, making a world of blue and green, and we thank you
You chose the colours for the rainbow;
you paint it across the sky, and we thank you.
You make us restless for a new world, willing us to work for peace,
and we thank you.
us to break down barriers,
You challenge
to form friendships
with those others ignore,
and we thank you.
You get angry when
are treated unfairly,
calling us to love everyone, and we thank you.
You give us words to communicate and music with which to sing them, and we thank you.
Big Spirit,
colourful Spirit,
noisy Spirit,
energy of God.
Hear us as we pray.
So be it. Amen

Roddy Hamilton, Spill the Beans


As we prepare to go, we pause to think about whether there might be someone God has been preparing for us to talk to about Jesus  - or our experiences of God as Father and Creator, Son and Saviour, and Spirit and Sustainer.

And we close with our familiar blessing:

Wherever you go, God is sending you,  
wherever you are, God has put you there. 

Christ who indwells you has something he wants to do through you where you are. 

Believe this and go in His grace and love and power. 


Richard Halverson 

Please join us again at Wild Church next month: we're here every 4th Sunday on the month!

And here's a video from our Pentecost Celebrations in a previous year...

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