Wild Church Campfire
on Sunday 30th October, 3.30pm

Pathfinder Primary School courtyard, at the front of school.

What happened around the fire?

We brought along camp chairs and hot drinks... and a story of a 'Saint' (interpret however you want) to share with others around the campfire.
From dragons to apple cake…
We had a great time around the campfire on Sunday swapping stories of legendary Saints who played dragons and went on heroic journeys to spread the message of Jesus. Along with other saints, perhaps those closer to home, who had ministries of apple cake or a deep commitment to prayer.

Watch more about what we got up to here on…
What Just Happened at Wild Church!?


We also sang our familiar wild church song....

Highlights from some previous Wild Church sessions

Preparing for Baptism

 ‘Let the children come to me. Do not stop them’.  - words of Jesus
Watch our Popcorn Praise
Wild Church Candlemas Campfire  - burning the last of the Christmas Greenery - and Snowdrop Planting with PATHFINDER CHURCH NORTHSTOWE

Our service contained material adapted from Rachel Summer’s Wild Worship; Steve Hollinghurst’s Service for Candlemas in Lockdown “As Winter Gives Way to Spring An outdoor celebration For Brigid-tide and Candlemas” (https://youtu.be/8E8krQtqrSs), and draws on reflections written by Heather Leppard and Paula Gooder. The song comes from Worship in the Woods by Sam and Sara Hargreaves. The final blessing is from Richard Halverson